Over the years, I've played around with architectural concepts, industrial design, and other user-interface-centric projects. Below are some personal projects that cover ID and Architecture. ¶The first published visual concept of the Vertical Farm first appeared in Plenty Magazine, and then shortly after featured as a center-spread in New York Magazine (2007). The Vertical Farm concept swept around the world and started a movement which is still going strong today.¶I'm proud to have been the first to visualize this idea. Without the help of Dean Fowler, the Vertical Farm concept would have never been published. His incredible 3d renders, animations and overall partnership breathed life into the concept that was to become  the catalyst of the viral nature of this truly innovative concept (based on an essay from a Columbia University classroom).

My venture into Industrial Design started with the incredible 3D application Rhino, back in 1996. It enabled me to create, explore, and dream - in 3d.

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